Tres Precieux Voiture

Silver or gold miniature classic cars and jewellery

Tres Precieux Voiture makes silver and gold  miniature models of vintage cars and unique gearhead jewelry for classic car enthusiasts. In the shop you find handmade classic car scale models,  car inspired jewellery and gifts in silver, gold and other precious metals. All miniature classic cars and jewellery are skillfully crafted in Amsterdam. They are made with much eye for detail and love for classic cars.

Tip: Click on an image you like to see it in the shop. Below the gallery you can read more about our car inspired silver and gold made-to-scale classic cars and car inspired gifts and jewelry

Handmade jewellery for French car lovers

A necklace or pendant with the old Citroën logo. Earrings with the 2cv gear shift pattern or silver 2cv charms. A Michelin tire ring for men or women, Citroën SM gold cufflinks. All these are examples of the unique designs on offer that are custom made for you. Our handmade, car inspired jewelry is the perfect, singular gift to yourself or to another vintage car lover who is special to you.

A tiny made to scale model of your favorite vintage car in silver or gold

Currently, many classic Citroëns, such as the Dyane, CX, Traction, DS and Acadiane and other A-types are available as miniature silver scale models in different sizes (as small as 1:160) in the shop. Our newest models include the Renault 5, Fiat Topolino, Peugeot 504 and Morris Minor Traveller.

Tailor made miniature classic cars and jewellery

All the car models are custom made in Amsterdam by Wendy. She is an adept trained goldsmith and classic French car lover As a result, a lot is possible. If you don’t find your favorite car model among the current offers or if you’d like a model in white or yellow gold, don’t hesitate to contact Wendy. She can make almost every classic car model for you in silver, gold or other precious metals. Also, various sizes are possible.

Combining two passions: working precious metal and vintage cars

Tres Precieux Voiture is owned by Wendy. She is a goldsmith, certified appraiser, Citroën enthusiast and happy 2cv owner. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the first silver scale models, earrings and necklaces Wendy designed and produced were 2cv related. Soon she expanded the portfolio to other classic models like the Citroen SM, Dyane, Acadiane, Traction Avant, CX, AK and Mehari.

As demand increased, she added other characteristic vintage car models, such as the Morris Minor, Renault 5 and Peugeot 504. New designs and car brands are added to the portfolio of Tres Precieux Voiture regularly.